Member's Pin and Ring

This pin 170-A and ring 110 can be worn right after a new member is initiated. The design is a circle with 3 links and R for Rebekahs. It cannot be worn instead of member's regalia.

Past Noble Grand Jewel

96 -- This is a pendant of yellow metal suspended from a 3-links pin. The pendant is centered with a 5-pointed star on which is raised a silver dove with olive branch. The outer portion of the circle has fine scroll etchings. Any member who has successfully completed her term as Noble Grand of a Rebekah Lodge is entitled to wear it. This jewel may be worn in lieu of member's regalia during a lodge meeting. 

Past Noble Grand pins

168169 and B-170 are pins showing the three links and the letters PNG. They cannot be used instead of regalia. 

District Deputy President Jewel

100 -- This jewel consists of a hanger with the words "Rebekah Assembly" and a pendant, both of gold metal. The emblems of the Rebekah Degree appear in the 4-lobed shape on the pendant, moon and stars in upper left lobe, beehive is upper right lobe, dove in lower left lobe, lily in lower right lobe, and the three links in the center. The initials PDDP or DDP are placed between lobes, with D in the right and the left spaces, P in the top and the bottom spaces. This jewel is for a PDDP if there is a "P" in the top as well as one in the bottom. 

Rebekah Veteran's Jewel

B5 -- This is a Veteran's Jewel for a continuous membership in the Rebekah Degree. A sister with 25 or more years of continuous membership is entitled to this jewel, with the number in the center set to the number of years of membership in the Order. The available numbers are 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75. The Veterans Jewel for Non-continuous Membership is item B-87. The jewel for Non-continuous Membership differs in that the outer color being white instead of pink, the bar being three links instead of striped pink and green, the connection from jewel to bar being a simple jump ring instead of two chains, and the lack of the VRD monogram. This jewel can be used instead of members regalia during a Rebekah meeting. 

Ceremony Honoring Veteran Members

Will all Rebekahs who have been members for 25 years please stand? Thank you. You may be seated. This is for you.

It is well that we have formed the custom of commemorating days that hold deep significance in our Order. Such occasions are shrines along the wayside where we can pause in solemn quiet for a brief space and look within ourselves and take note of what we are giving to Odd Fellowship, and to see if service is paramount in our daily lives.

Tonight we honor our veteran members. (Names are called and they are escorted to a seat in the garden of veteran members.)

To a Rebekah, the Veteran's Jewel is the most cherished of all Jewels. The lives of our veteran members call to mind the symbols on the Jewel which they wear. (A display board is set up and painted cardboard models of the parts of the jewel are placed and connected on it while the following is read.)

  1. The Clasp on the Jewel is symbolic of the safety which we always feel when we know our veteran members are with us.
  2. The Bar we see on the Jewel reminds us of the strength of character which symbolized your life. Your life has been blessed with friends and unselfish service, and the Pink andGreen on your Jewel remind us that steadfast friendship and eternal love have been your guide to life through the years.
  3. The letters on the Jewel - V R D - remind us that you are truly a Veteran of the Rebekah Degree. Fidelity such as yours to that degree lends woman her sweetest charm.
  4. Your fraternal life is represented by the Links on this Jewel: Friendship, Love and Truth. These links have been your guide to life.
  5. You have taught us the meaning of the Enamel which surrounds this Jewel. It stands for your devotion to the principles of Odd Fellowship and your clear shining example of the life of a true Rebekah.
  6. The Olive wreath brings to our minds the thought of peace and harmony, and your fraternal life has brought that peace and harmony into our lodge.
  7. The Numerals on the Jewel remind us of your years of service. You have given lovingly of that service in words, music and thoughtful deeds of kindness. You have seen this lodge safely through these years, and to you, our veteran members, we owe a debt of gratitude.

There before us is a replica of the Veteran's Jewel. In ___________ Rebekah Lodge #___, we present this jewel to those who have continuous membership in the Order for at least 50 years. The owner of a Veteran's Jewel is very proud to wear it because it stands for more than just years of service. If it could talk, its message would be: The wearer of this Jewel came into the Order tolearn Odd Fellowship; stayed in the Order to teach Odd Fellowship, and went out into the world tolive Odd Fellowship. (Other lodges may present jewels earlier, and jewels may be purchased for any member who has at least 15 years of continuous membership.) 

Rebekah Honorable Veterans Jewel

3-5 -- This is a Veteran's Jewel for a continuous membership in the Rebekah Degree. A sister with 50 or more years of continuous membership is entitled to this jewel, with the number in the center set to the number of years of membership in the Order. The available numbers are 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 or 75. This jewel is a decorative bar which is attached to the pendant by two chains, between which is suspended numerals of diamonds set in gold. In the center of the pendant on on a raised gold circle are the letters V R D. On the outer portion of the jewel are 5 pink petals. The top bar is of pink and green enamel over which are a dove and lily in gold. 

Rebekah Assembly Officer's Jewel

104 -- The top bar is engraved with the title of the office. The lower bar is engraved with the name of the jurisdiction. The beehive-shaped pendant has the other emblems of the Rebekah degree on it. At the center bottom of the beehive are the letters R A in a half circle. Above the top bar is a dove with olive branch for a current officer jewel. A past officer's jewel has the word "Past" instead of the dove. 

Past President of the Rebekah Assembly Jewel and Pin

91 -- This jewel of 14 karat gold is in the shape of a 4-armed cross resting on a wreath of tinted gold. Each arm has a raised rim and is tipped by three small ball points. The top arm has the moon and seven stars. The right arm has the dove. The left arm has the lily. The bottom arm shows Rebekah at the well. The center contains a diamond of up to 1/4 karat. The jewel is suspended from a bar depicting the three links. The connection from jewel to the bar consists of the letters P P interlaced through the center and outer links. 
276 -- This pin has four arms with the letters P P R A and contains a green emerald in the center. 

Merit Jewel

263 -- The Merit Jewel is a three-part jewel of gold metal which closely resembles the Assembly Officers jewel. This jewel may be presented to a Rebekah for her lodge and community service worthy of special recognition. The lodge applies to Rebekah Assembly for permission to award this jewel, giving a detailed explanation of the services rendered. If the Merit Award Committee of Rebekah Assembly approves, the lodge is notified to purchase the jewel. 
Because this jewel is so similar to the Assembly Officer's Jewel, presentation of the Merit Jewel to a past Assembly Officer is discouraged. 

Rebekah Meritorious Service Jewel

26 -- A Rebekah Meritorious Service Jewel may be awarded to a Rebekah for meritorious service performed on behalf of Odd Fellowship beyond the usual and customary duties of membership.