Past President Jewel

44 -- This jewel is presented to a Lady who has completed her term of service as President of a Ladies Auxiliary Patriarchs Militant. The letters P L P stand for Past Lady President, which is used to avoid confusion with other Past Presidents. 

Association Past President Jewel

B-48-A -- This jewel is presented to a Lady who has completed her term of service as President of the Department Association of a jurisdiction. 

Membership Jewel

49 -- This jewel is presented to a Lady when she joins the Ladies Auxiliary Patriarchs Militant. Membership in this degree is now open to all Rebekah Sisters in good standing. It is no longer required for a recruit to have a husband or father who is a member of the Patriarchs Militant. 

Decoration of Chivalry

57 -- A number of hard working sisters have earned the Decoration of Chivalry. This jewel is presented in a special ceremony conducted by the Patriarchs Militant during their annual session. Every second year, a Rebekah lodge may nominate one of its members who has given outstanding service to her lodge and to her community. An application from the lodge, stating the sister's services clearly, is sent through the nearest Canton to the Department Council of the jurisdiction. If the application is approved, the lodge is informed to purchase the jewel. The jewel has an oval-shaped bar with a diamond on a six-pointed star attached to the pendant with a link chain. The pendant is a cross in white enamel with a gold rim centered with a red heart and a raised gold crown. The presentation ceremony includes a ritualistic washing of the hands. To dry the hands, the recipient is given a small towel with her name embroidered below the emblem of the Patriarchs Militant branch of the Order.
Men are also awarded the Decoration of Chivalry. Application on their behalf must be made by a Canton in the Department. 

Service Jewel

53 -- This jewel is presented to a Lady who has served the LAPM for several years. The bottom bar shows the number of years of membership in the LAPM. 

Check with your Department Adjutant for availability and price of these items. Orders must be sent to the Department Adjutant by the Canton or Auxiliary