IOOF - Frequently Asked Questions



What is Odd Fellowship?


Odd Fellowship is -

  • The strongest fraternal society on the continent.
  • A great world-wide united brotherhood.
  • A fraternity founded on the basis of universal brotherhood.
  • Based on the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.
  • Founded on the North American continent in 1819.
  • Based upon the purest principles of equality,
  • Non-political and non-sectarian.
  • A source of comfort in times of trouble and adversity.
  • A world-wide force that stands for all that is noblest and highest.
  • An everyday guide for conduct, a mantle that should be worn always.
  • An organization that favors no person for their wealth and frowns on none for their poverty.
  • An ideal that exists in the heart and mind of every genuine Odd Fellow or Rebekah.
  • Fulfilling a mission in the world which no other institution has successfully attempted.
  • A vitalizing, sympathetic, and actuating influence in the lives of all its real members.
  • A ministering spirit succoring the needy, cheering the despondent and protecting the helpless.
  • The handmaid of virtue and religion.
  • Founded on the inspired word of God as revealed to man in the Holy Bible.


Who can join the IOOF, and how?

We have different branches of our Order that cover all persons 8 - 10 years of age or older who believe in a Supreme Being, Creator and Preserver of the Universe, and are faithful to their Country.

Where is the IOOF located?

We have lodges throughout North America, Europe, and Australia

What are some of the projects the IOOF has been involved with? 

  • Arthritis Foundation
  • Disaster Relief – Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flooding, 911
  • Living Legacy
  • SOS Village
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  • Vision – Wilmer Eye Institute at John Hopkins University
  • Pilgrimage for Youth